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                The University vigorously promotes international exchange and cooperation. We have established relationships of friendship and cooperation with more than 100 universities and other institutions in 20 countries or regions, and we have programs of mutual credit recognition and teacher exchange with 28 higher education institutions. Students from 30 countries or regions are studying here with us. A dozen domestic and foreign scientific research teams and research institutes are cooperating with us in the establishment of a set of key laboratories. With the University of Antananarivo in Madagascar and the AI-Quds University in Palestine, our University has established those countries’ first Confucius Institutes, and Confucius Institute at the University of Antananarivo was conferred the tittle of “Global Model Confucius Institute”. The University was named as one of the academies to receive overseas students on Chinese Government Scholarship, Jiangxi Provincial Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship.